Beadalon 110T-010 Hybraid Strong, Knottable and Abrasion Resistant Beading Wire

  • Brand: Beadalon
  • Product Code: 110T-010
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Hybraid is a new hybrid stringing material that combines three materials in a single cord. The core of Hybraid is made of copper wire, surrounded by Spectraï_ braided fiber, and then encased in braided stainless steel wire. Hybraid combines the best characteristics of wire and cord in a single product. This unique product exhibits extra texture, body, energy, and it feels and behaves unlike any other beading material. Made in USA.
The wire can be knotted and is very strong (Spectra being the material used in bullet proof vests!). It curls off the spool, but can be straightened by running the wire through Nylon Jaw Pliers
0.18' (0.46mm) and 4.5M length.

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